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Hi everyone!

Long time reader, first time really posting anything of interest.

I have been deciding whether or not to go back to college to get a Master in Music degree in flute/piccolo performance. I have been looking at a very select group of colleges (mostly because my boyfriend will also be going to these potential schools for his degree-and he is a psychology major and he needs graduate level school work more than I do). I already have a masters in well basically musicology from a school that I found very un-nurturing and not that challenging to me musically. My reasons for attending a second masters degree program are simple. I want to open up more doors of opportunity that I think this may help unlock. I have been a massage therapist and would really like to get back into playing into more professional groups, but I would like to find a higher level of challenge than at my previous degree program. I would also like to look into professorships at colleges and universities and think that a MM seems more credible than a MA. The schools I have been looking into are( not in any particular order): (they are schools with great psych departments as well- so not completely my choice)

SUNY Stonybrook- Flute Professor- Carol Wincenc
SUNY Binghamton University- Flute Professor- Georgetta Gatto-Maiolo
Syracuse University- Flute Professors- Cornelia Brewster and Deborah Coble

My questions are these (and please elaborate on the answers where appropriate);
Has anyone had any experiences at these music programs?
Have you studied with any of these professors?
What have you liked/disliked about these programs or even professors?
Do you feel challenged in a positive or negative way?
What overall do you think of the campus? (I. e. living on campus Vs off-campus housing, things to do socially on or off campus.)
I am also going to continue doing massage therapy and would like to continue my interest in emergency medicine, will the schools program have me so overworked there will be no time for these (I need an outlet outside of music or I'll go nuts!)
My boyfriend and I rely heavily on public transportation, so, how would you rate the school's transportation services for on campus and off campus?
Do yo have any experience with graduate/teaching assistantships? What do you think of them? What are your main duties/hour commitments?

I'm sure I will have more, but I can't think of them.

Thank you in advance to all responses!

Crossposted to flute_society, fluteclassified, flutemajors, flutes, libraspiccfllmt, musicmajors, piccfreak, piccolo_society, x_flutes. I'm sorry about the repetativeness for some of you.
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