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1//name- Mary Ann
2//age- 18
3//locations- Boardman Ohio (close to Youngstown)
4//insturment(s)- Flute, Piccolo, Any sax, piano, guitar, bass clarinet, and I sing. My friend is trying to teach me how to play the basoon, but I am so horrible at it!!!
5//fave. composer- Shostakovich and Saint Sans
6//fave. peice- Danse Bachannale
7//anything else- I'm not going into music when I go to college. In fact, I'm not even going to be in any music my first year. I won't stop practicing though, I plan on bringing my flute. I love music. In high school I was a section leader in band and a member of the symphony orchestra. I played Sax in jazz and some honors bands. I also take part in the Dana Flute Festival every year. I just basically felt like joining becuase it's interesting to hear about flute history, music, and other musicians. Ciao for now,
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