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1//Name - Michelle.
2//Age - 14.
3//Locations - El Paso, Texas, but it will be changing to Colombus, Georgia very soon.
4//Insturment(s) - Flute (obviously :D), piano, and a bit of percussion (preferrably snare).
5//Fave. Composer - Chopin.
6//Fave. Piece - Tough one, but if I had to pick just one... I would say Ride by Samuel R. Hazo. The arrangement I played had such an awesome flute solo.
7//Anything Else - I'm a freshmen and a marching band geek. When I first saw flute, I really wanted to play it. Though when the time came for me to pick an instrument and I got flute, I was extremely disappointed because I wanted to go into percussion. Now though, I'm really glad that the first instrument I ever learned was flute.
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