.. (ashaleia) wrote in x_flutes,

Hi. I'm Ashley, I'm 16, I'm a junior in HS, been looking at colleges since sophomore year, and I live in MA. ^____^

Anyways, when I go off to college I was considering doing the craziest double major ever, but a double major anyway: veterinary sciences/somethingtodowithflutemaybefluteperformance.

Ahem. Now that you've all recovered from the faint..

I'd like to be able to perform in an orchestra type semblance when I'm older, but I'd also like to be able to teach flute to little children -- just lessons, not full out band director (maybe marching band ;) ). Anyways, I was just wondering your opinions on majors for that kind of area? I was thinking, as you can see above, about flute performance, but I'm not really sure..

Thanks for listening to my ramble. :P
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